Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs (8 weeks)
Thursdays, Oct 4–Dec 6, 6–8pm in OI 210 and online
(Class will not meet on Nov 15 and Nov 22)
Instructor: Foy Scalf, PhD (Head of the Research Archives of the Oriental Institute)

Learn to unravel the mysteries of Egyptian hieroglyphs in this hybrid coursed designed for beginners. The hybrid course will have simultaneous online and onsite sections. Local students will have the opportunity to attend the onsite course (and have access to all the online materials) while non-local students can take the course entirely online. The weekly onsite session will be livestreamed and archived for online viewing for both the onsite and online students.
Students will be introduced to the basics of ancient Egyptian grammar and learn to read texts on objects most likely encountered in a museum setting. Further classroom discussions will focus on the cultural and historical aspects of the ancient objects and their hieroglyphic inscriptions. The class will use the world-renowned resources at our disposal in Chicago institutions including the Oriental Institute, Field Museum, and Art Institute for field trips to practice and reinforce classroom lessons. By the end of the class, students should expect to be able to understand a variety of short Egyptian inscriptions and grasp the basic fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary necessary to continue their study of the “words of the gods.”

Required Textbook
Mark Collier and Bill Manley. How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Second Edition. Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2003.

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