Imagining the Text

Imaging the Text: Books and Manuscripts in the Ancient Middle East NEHC 20032 / 30032 Mon Wed Fri : 01:30 … More

Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs (8 weeks) Thursdays, Oct 4–Dec 6, 6–8pm in OI 210 and online (Class will not meet … More

Readings in Sahidic Coptic Texts

This course offers an introduction to Coptic literature through direct readings of original material written in the Sahidic dialect of Coptic.

History of the Text

History of the Text: Early Books and Manuscripts Up to the Age of the Printing Press offers a unique perspective within the larger paradigm of approaches to the written word known as the “History of the Book.”

Intensive Sahidic Coptic Grammar

This course will provide a complete introduction to the fundamentals of the Sahidic dialect of Coptic, the phase of the ancient Egyptian language written with the Greek alphabet and in use from ca. AD 200-1100.

Hieroglyphica: A History of Egyptology

In Hieroglyphica: A History of Egyptology, students will explore the history of Egyptomania by tracing its origins in the ancient world to the modern scholars of today through readings, lectures, and discussions.