Sety’s Osirian Cartouche on OIM E10507

In the reign of Sety I, several versions of the royal titulary appeared on monuments throughout Egypt. It has long been known that Sety’s nomen cartouche appeared in his tomb and his temple at Abydos in Osirianized form by replacing the hieroglyphic figure of Seth with that of Osiris. A new identification of such a cartouche on the stela OIM E10507 supports attributing its provenience to Abydos as a votive memorial in the cult of Osiris and king, rather than to Saqqara as has been previously suggested. Furthermore, in seeking to localize the nomen of Sety I,
it will be shown that the “Osirianized” forms of this cartouche is more widely attested than previously documented.

Read the full article on the JNES website

Photo D. 32326, OIM E10507, © the Oriental Institute

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